SubDyn with OC4 Semi in OpenFAST

Hi all!

I have been recently working with the OC4 Semisubmersible Platform. I am interested in the study of the effects of waves and currents over the differentes elements of the structure under the water. I also read the document “Implementation of Substructure Flexibility and Member-Level Load Capabilities for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines in OpenFAST”

I read about it and the module SubDyn fits with my interest. I browsed around this forum and I have understood that at the moment it’s not available despite of have been developed, that’s right?

During my investigation I also noticed that the fst file have the choice of switch on the moudle SubDyn (CompSub=1), however the SubDyn input file doesn’t exist. Would be possible that you share this file with me and I could run it?

Thanks as always, and regards,
Raúl Palacios.

Dear Raúl,

The functionality to model floating substructure flexibility in OpenFAST for the purposes of calculating internal member-level loads was released in OpenFAST v2.6 and newer. However, we don’t currently have an FOWT model with this functionality available in the public domain. See my post dated Aug 6, 2021 in the following discussion on the OpenFAST github page for more information and guidance: FeaCoupling of an External floater (platform+mooring) with Openfast #791 · Discussion #801 · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub.

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