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I am part of a company which studies wind turbine loads and want to learn how to use FAST. We have been trying to use the program with the manual and the documentation, but as it is difficult to use we have encountered many problems. We have seen that there was a course this summer, but we were late for it.
We will be gratefull if you could guide us to some learning material or tell us if there will be another course of this kind soon.

Thank you in advance,


Dear Julen,

I would refer you to following forum topic where OpenFAST-related workshops and courses are announced and past workshop materials are linked: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/aerodyn-feedback/57/1. I’m not aware of another workshop being planned yet by NREL or a course by UMass, but that is where these would get announced once they are scheduled.

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Thank you for the quick response. Reading the forum topic where you guide us, I come to think that the courses by the UMass are mostly on Spring and Summer, but if possible we would like to acquire some knowledge about OpenFAST sooner than that.
By chance do you know if there is the possibility of anyone, maybe you or one of your colleagues, who would be able to give us some lessons in order to learn how to use the program in a more guided and controlled way that just reading the documentation by ourselves?

Thanks you in advance,


Dear Julien,

NREL has a limited budget to offer support for OpenFAST. The budget is generally spent on supporting this forum and github, fixing bugs, improving documentation, improving automated testing, and hosting public workshops on occasion.

NREL can be subcontracted to provide more direct support for OpenFAST or other topics. There is no standard support template, but rather a contract that we develop on a case-by-case basis. Would Nabla Wind Power be interested in discussing what this could look like? If so, I’d be happy to schedule a call to discuss with you what this could look like based on your needs. Considering that Nabla Wind Power is not a US entity, there are some restrictions though on contract value (i.e. a minimum value necessary to move forward).

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We will be interesetend in discussing the case-by-case support you offer us, and will also by happy to schedule a call.
So, how can we do to make the appointment for the call?

I send you my email at the end of this message so you can contact me, this way I can forward the message to my colleagues who are also interested.

Thank you, hope to hear about you soon,


my email is: