Layout optimization in FLORIS

Dear all,

I am currently approaching the optimization of a wind farm using FLORIS, taking as an example the optimization of 4 wind turbines within a square boundary, specifically the case “Example: Optimize Layout” (Example: Optimize Layout — FLORIS), and then customizing the model to our conditions.

My model has been developed using the SciPy optimization method, incorporating the layout (in polygonal form) of a wind farm consisting of 65 wind turbines as a starting point, and also loading the wind rose data of the site to calculate the Annual Energy Production (AEP) of the site. However, after 100 iterations, we realized that the optimization process does not adhere to the defined boundaries, neither maintaining the minimum distance requirements nor remaining within the boundaries themselves. I have conducted the site optimization using both Jensen and empirical Gauss wake models.

Is this a problem you have encountered when initializing a large number of turbines? Are there any code modifications that can help avoid these issues?

Thank you for your attention.

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Marco De Pascali

Hi Marco,

I will be happy to help you, but first, would you mind to post your Q&A to the FLORIS discussions page (NREL/floris · Discussions · GitHub)? Thank you!


Of course! Thank you.