FLORIS model selection

Hello everyone,

I am using FLORIS to make an estimation of the AEP produced by different wind farms, with different wind climates, turbines and layouts.
I get significantly different results ( % of AEP loss due to wake) with Jensen and Gauss_legacy velocity models.
I’d like to know which velocity deficit model do you recommend, without making any parameter adjustmend, using the default parameters, to predict AEP losses due to wake?

I have read in nrel.gov/docs/fy19osti/72767.pdf that Gauss_legacy velocity deficit model provides better representation of wake characteristics. However, I have also read from some authours, from DONG Energy Wind Power, who prefer to use the Jensen model to predict AEP and power losses. Moreover, in reference [1], it is stated that Jensen model provides better estimation of AEP and wake losses for Horns Rev offshore wind farm.

Any recomendation or advice would be very helpful.

Many thanks in advance,

Nicolás Deza

[1] Recalibrating Wind Turbine Wake Model Parameters – Validating the Wake Model Performance for Large Offshore Wind Farms Thomas Sørensen, M.Sc, Per Nielsen, M.Sc. & Morten Lybech Thøgersen, M.Sc. EMD International A/S, Niels Jernes Vej 10, DK-9220 Aalborg East

Dear Deza,

I asked Paul Fleming to respond, and he has now answered your question here: github.com/NREL/floris/discussions.

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Good morning,

I read in “FLORIS: A Brief Tutorial” that some work is being done regarding Deep-Array effects, which seem to be quite relevant in large offshore wind farms to perform AEP calculations.
I would like to know, if possible, if you have an aproximate idea of when you will incorporate a Deep-Array model in FLORIS.

Thanks in advance

Dear Deza,

I asked Paul Fleming to respond, and he has now answered your question here: github.com/NREL/floris/discussions, which his preferred location for answering FLORIS-related questions.

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Dear Jason,

I am very interested in participating in the beta testing of the Deep Array model for FLORIS. I posted a petition in: github.com/NREL/floris/discussions , but haven’t received any answear. If you could pass the petition on to Paul Fleming, it would be of great help.

Thanks in advance