I came across these two tools, from the presentations on the web, it seems to me that they do exactly the same. Is it true?
SOWFA seems to be geared towards offshore but since FLORIS does not account for terrain roughness, would it make them the same?

Also, in I understand that FLORIS only can plot/calculate/optimize for one wind speed and one direction. Is there a program that I could couple with FLORIS or some code modification (I’m not skilled in coding but can do some simple software changes) that could allow me to plot the wakes resulting from the entire wind rose? For example, running the code in a loop and get the data for each direction and then plot them all together in the same figure.
Thank you.

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Dear Anton,

While FLORIS and SOWFA can both be used to predict the power performance of wind turbines in a wind farm, the tools themselves are quite different. FLORIS is a low-fidelity steady-state model with simplifying assumptions that allow it to run practically instantaneously. SOWFA is a high-fidelity dynamics model based on large-eddy simulation computational fluid dynamics (LES CFD) with a high computational resource demand.

Yes, scripts can be generated to run FLORIS many times to model the entire wind rose.

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