Initiate shutdown by manipulating ROSCO input

When ROSCO´s pitch control signal exceeds SD_MaxPit the turbine shuts down. This works very well.

I tried to initiate a spontaneous shutdown by manipulating the input signals to the controller by setting either/both the wind speed and the input pitch angle to a large value (the latter > SD_MaxPit) for a short period of time, but I could not initiate the shut down procedure.

Is there a way to initiate shutdown by manipulating the input signals?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Duncan,

I’m not sure exactly what and how you are simulating in this case, but here are a few options:

You can manipulate the input signal to the shutdown controller here: ROSCO/ControllerBlocks.f90 at 77278f5d1cee95a830b22d79797b351481e87972 · NREL/ROSCO · GitHub.

It looks like the shutdown is determined based on the blade pitch angle determined by the controller. If you were trying to manipulate that, I would change the generator speed input to the controller.

If you want to shut down at a specific time, you can also use the ServoDyn input here: ROSCO/IEA-15-240-RWT-UMaineSemi_ServoDyn.dat at 77278f5d1cee95a830b22d79797b351481e87972 · NREL/ROSCO · GitHub.

I hope this helps.

Best, Dan

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for your answer. I will have try to manipulate the generator speed first.
Best regards,