Shutdown using DISCON

Dear @Jason.Jonkman Sir,

In which file can I find the source code for the initiation of the shutdown using the Bladed style DLLs?
Just for reference, I am using the FAST seismic module.


Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

Are you using a specific DISCON controller provided by NREL, such as the baseline controller for the NREL 5-MW baseline or ROSCO? The baseline controller for the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine does not support control logic for initiating shut down events. For ROSCO, I would review the ROSCO GitHub repository and ask your source code-related questions there: GitHub - NREL/ROSCO: A Reference Open Source Controller for Wind Turbines.

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I use the precompiled FAST v7 Seismic Module with the Bladed style DLL. How can I write a shutdown statement based on some tower/blade measurements in the same? I want to include a basic if statement. But how will the program know the shutdown maneuvers?

Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

Again, which Bladed-style DLL controller are you using? The NREL 5-MW baseline controller? ROSCO? Or your own?

Again, ROSCO has options for turbine shutdown maneuvers, but the NREL 5-MW baseline controller does not (unless you change the controller source code).

You can also force a turbine shutdown through the FAST v7 primary input by disabling the controller, turning off the generator, and pitching the blades to feather.

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Yes it is the 5MW baseline bladed style controller.
I wish to include a shutdown (if statement) based on an acceleration limit of the nacelle, such as:

if (Nacc > 1m/s2)
shutdown statements based on blade feathering (how do I write these as
well? since the input for maneuvering blade feathering is given in the input

Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

You should be able to modify the source code of the baseline 5-MW controller as you propose since the nacelle acceleration is an input to the controller (e.g., avrSWAP(53))–you’ll have to implement the blade feathering logic within the controller source code.

If you need guidance on how to do this, I would refer to how the shutdown logic is implemented in the ROSCO controller source code.

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