Include NREL 5MW Reference Turbine in open source model


we are using the NREL 5MW Reference Turbine in our LES code for simulating the flow behind wind turbines and within wind farms.
The LES model is an open source code (PALM → ) and we added three different turbine parameterizations (actuator disk, acutator line and enhanced actuator disk with rotation) to this code which are based on the NREL reference turbine data.
So far, our additional code is in a separate user interface and only used by us. In the future, however, we plan to integrate our turbine parameterization as a module to the standard code so that other users can use it, as well.
We have created ascii tables of the turbine data in a specific format which are read in when the simulation is started. When adding our code to the standard code we would also have to upload these tables to the code repository.

My questions: Are we allowed to do this? Do we need permission by the authors of the NREL reference turbine? Do we need to add some acknowledgement, copyright, … in the tables and in the code module?

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Dear Björn,

The NREL 5-MW reference turbine is in the public domain, so, you don’t need our permission to distribute your version of the model. Obviously, a reference to the source of the original design (e.g., a reference to: would be appropriate in the documentation of your code.

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Dear Jason,

thank you for your clear statement.
I just wanted to make that sure and prevent any consequences.

Of course, a reference to the source document will be given in the code.

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