Improved ReadFASTbinary.m


we have made one simple change in the ReadFASTbinary.m routine which allows to load files much faster especially when you have a higher number of channels in your outb-files (up to 6x faster with 300 channels).This is very usefull when post-processing many load cases with many sensors for example for a full load set according to IEC or when zapping through timeseries with a viewer.

Here the modification starting at line 97 in the original Routine:
% Scale the packed binary to real data
%ip = 1;
for it = 1:NT
% for ic = 1:NumOutChans
% Channels(it,ic+1) = ( PackedData(ip) - ColOff(ic) ) / ColScl(ic) ;
% ip = ip + 1;
% end % ic
%rw: faster code (according to profiler 6 times faster)
Channels(it,2:end) = (PackedData(1+NumOutChans*(it-1):NumOutChans*it) - ColOff)./ColScl;
end %it

Best Regards,

Florian Stache
morewind engineering solutions GmbH
Rostock, Germany

Dear Florian,

I showed this to Greg Hayman, the person who writes and maintains our MATLAB-based postprocessing tools. He plans to incorporate your suggestion in future releases of our tools.

Thanks so much for the tip!