I would like to know if there is a way to obtain longitudinal(u), lateral(v) and vertical(w) wind files from IECWind.
I have read at the Sesam (another program) manual, that I need these files from IECWind to create a 3D wind spectrum, but I do not know how to get it.

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Dear Aitor,

I’m not sure how this relates to SESAM, but IECWind is a simple code for making IEC-style discrete wind data files in AeroDyn’s “hub-height” format (e.g., ECD, EOG, etc.). The TurbSim code has been developed for computing turbulent wind data (turbulent u,v,w) for AeroDyn based on turbulence spectra, spatial coherence, and component-to-component correlation. You can find the TurbSim code here:

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I have been already using TurbSim since I saw that it generates u, v and w wind files, but as at the SESAM manual is said that these files are generated by IECWind I decided to ask you directly, but I suppose that this manual is wrong with this term,

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Dear Jason,

Could I know how can I generate DLC 1.4 in turbsim? or when I use the IECwind to generate this DLC 1.4 (extreme coherent gust with direction change), it says “this app can’t run on your PC”. Could you please suggest me on this.

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Satish J

Dear Satish,

TurbSim can be used to generate full-field turbulent wind data files, but it cannot be used to generate deterministic wind events (gusts, etc.) from the IEC standards. For these, IECWind should be used.

Regarding the error “this app can’t run on your PC”, a similar issue was reported and solved in the following forum topic by recompiling the provided IECWind source code:

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