IEA 15 MW on UMaine Semi-Sub Floater: Reason for Maximum Thrust Value in the Peak Shaver Routine

Dear all,

I am simulating the IEA 15 MW RWT on the UMaine semi-submersible floater in order to understand the power variations due to the platform pitch angle and the peak shaver routine.

As stated in Figure 9, p.65 of the paper of Abbas et al(2022),“A reference open-source controller for fixed and floating offshore wind turbines”, the maximum rotor thrust, considered in the peak shaving routine of the associated controller is nearly 1.95 MN.

Is there a particular reason for choosing this value as the maximum rotor thrust? In addition, is it possible to know what peak shaving percentage was taken into account into designing the peak shaver routine?

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Ioannis Voultsos.

Hi Ioannis,

I wouldn’t say that there was a specific reason for choosing this value for the maximum rotor thrust other than using sort of “rule of thumb” guidelines and a subsequent analysis by the designers to ensure that the results are reasonable. One could certainly do a more extensive loads and power analysis to try to define a peak shaving percentage that has some sort of optimality associated with it.

During the tuning, ps_percent=0.8 was used. You can see this in the ROSCO toolbox tuning .yaml file here:

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