Status of IEA-22-280-RWT

I was wondering what the status is of the model for the IEA-22-280-RWT in the Github repository. Can it be used in its current form?
thanks in advance and best,

The model on the 22-MW repository are “pre-release”. Meaning, they are there for review by the IEA Task 37 partners, but may still be undergoing frequent and significant changes. We do not recommend them for use by the broader community yet. We are targeting an official release in the early fall (4-6 months from now).

Hello Duncan,
the model can be used, but it would be best to wait a few more weeks. In the branch design_round1 NREL has redesigned the drivetrain and will soon add a new floater. In parallel, DTU is tuning the blade structural design. Lastly, I see some discrepancies between the monopile described in an internal report at DTU and the monopile described in the yaml file. I believe there is an error somewhere. We’ll iterate with DTU to fix it.
All this said, the rotor aerodynamic design is completed, and the macro parameters of the design are frozen (diameter, hub height, rotor speed, etc).
The goal is to finalize the design over the summer and have a draft report by September.
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