Ice modules for loading simulation of bottom-fixed offshore wind turbine

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I would like to know if there is any indication or recommendation about the use of IceFloe or IceDyn module for prediction of integrated ice-structure loads on bottom fixed sub-structures.

Both modules have the same numeric equations? Which module offers more reliable results?

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Dear @Felipe.Vittori,

IceFloe and IceDyn are OpenFAST modules that can be used to apply the loading from sea ice on fixed-bottom offshore wind turbines. IceFloe was developed by DNVGL and IceDyn was developed by the University of Michigan. I’m not very familiar with either because I was not involved much in their development, but you can read about them here: IceDyn/IceFloe | Wind Research | NREL. My understanding is that the equations implemented are quite different, with IceFloe being a bit more standard and IceDyn being a bit more on the cutting edge.

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Dear Jason,

Thank you for the links.

I will read both manuals and review the content from IceFloe folder, then choose the module with the numeric model that would fit better my project requirement.

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