Government Shutdown

This is off topic for the Wind Data forum, but I was wondering if the government “shutdown” will affect NREL or the NWTC?

Will posting data to the NWTC website or email communication be affected?



I moved this topic to the General forum.

Currently, the impact is that we are prohibited from foreign travel and domestic travel must be really mission-critical to be approved by our management.

As for furloughs, there are no plans for them, although management is planning on how to deal with it if it were to required by DOE. We already have enough money to last until the beginning of the CY, so we would only be furloughed for “appearances” sake (unless the shutdown draws out long enough to destroy the world economy). Not all our funding comes from DOE, so that is probably one of the issues our management is dealing with. We have many unanswered questions.

We will stop answering email and posting data to the web site only if we are furloughed.