Generator Short-circuit simulation: FAST


Is there a way to simulate a generator short-circuit in FAST? I have a short-circuit time series. If this could not be used, is there any other way to simulate such an event?

I looked into the FAST manual “Simulating Special Events”, but could not find any specific information on this scenario.

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we implement short circuit events into our BLADED-Style DLL using matlab/simulink.


Dear Neelabh,

When you say you have a “short-circuit time series”, do you mean that you have a specific generator torque as a function of time that reflects a short-circuit condition? You can implement this generator torque time series in FAST through a user-defined torque controller e.g. through the Bladed-style DLL (requires compiling the DLL) or Simulink interface (requires the use of MATLAB/Simulink) as Florian suggested, or through a simple user routine like UserVSCont or UserGen (requiring a recompile of FAST).

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Hello Florian and Jason,

Thanks a lot for your response. Indeed it is a generator torque time series reflecting short-circuit.
Will take your suggestions into consideration.

Appreciate it.


Dear Jason,

May you tell me a possibility to implement a generator short-circuit as a user-defined routine in FAST? I want to use my bladed-style DLL until the generator short-circuit occures. By setting a flag value I want to override the generator torque with values for the generator short-circuit.

Thank you again.

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Dear René,

While it is easy to set up a FAST model to turn off the generator at a specified time, FAST does not have a way through settings in the input file(s) of overriding the torque coming from a controller with something else. However, what you are proposing sounds like a fairly straightforward customization of the source code or controller that you could make yourself.

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