Initial Conditions for FAST Version 8

With FAST version 7 (using SIMULINK) the input signals (electric power and generator torque) to the wind turbine are exactly like to the output signals that I get with the OutData block (GenPwr and GenTq) but with version 8 of FAST, the same does not happen. The input signals (electric power and generator torque) have set up with certain initial conditions but these output signals always start with initial conditions equal to zero. In the version 8 i used the same output commands (GenPwr and GenTq). In the .dat and .fst files, i only found how to set the generator speed initial condition but not the generator torque and electric power initial conditions.

How I can do to get the output signals of the generator torque and electric power with the initial conditions that i desire?


Hi, Christian.

The Simulink interface for FAST v8 does not use the initial conditions from Simulink; all initial condition data comes from the FAST library. We didn’t want to implement direct feedthrough in the FAST v8-Simulink interface, which is where this restriction comes from.

You will get zeros for the first time step on those channels because no initial values for GenPwr and GenTq can be specified in the FAST input file. You could certainly modify the code to use initial values if you need to.

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for your support!

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