Generator details for WP 1.5 MW (Test11 to Test14)

I didn’t find some generator details of this aerogenerator that I woul like to simulate.
I need to use THEVENIN-EQUIVALENT INDUCTION GENERATOR for WP 1.5 MW aerogenerator.

Could someone share a article with this details?
I need:
-Line frequency
-Number of poles
-Stator resistance
-Rotor resistance
-Line-to-line RMS voltage
-Stator leakage reactance
-Rotor leakage reactance
-Magnetizing reactance

This is a very good forum, I discovered this yesterday and since yesterday I learn a lot of tips here.

Dear Rodrigo,

The WindPACT 1.5-MW turbine is conceptual design only; it doesn’t represent a real turbine. The details of the electrical drive, including a Thevenin-equivalent circuit (TEC) induction generator, have never been specified for this turbine. If you need to apply the TEC model, you’ll have to make some assumptions and specify them yourself.

Best regards,

Thank you for your fast reply.

I will try to specify the generator.