Full ROSCO Installation

Dear Sir,
the following code is not working:
“python setup.py install --compile-rosco”
please help me to sort it out.
Thanks in advance


The ROSCO GitHub might be a more appropriate location to post this kind of issue. Please post the error message you receive, so we can assist you better.

Best, Dan

Dear @Daniel.Zalkind

I downloaded and compiled ROSCO from github according to ROSCO 2.6.0 documentation(1.3. Full ROSCO Installation) using Anaconda.

And i tried to test Examples using Visual Studio code but all Examples have same error.

I just followed instruction ‘1.3. Full ROSCO Installation’

Here is my error

All Examples have same error

  • Attributerror: module ‘numpy’ has no attribute ‘warnings’

I am not used to code so i don’t know where to start to find out.

I already checked numpy is the newest version and re-installed it.

Would you please give me an advice?

Best regards,