Full ROSCO Installation

Dear Sir,
the following code is not working:
“python setup.py install --compile-rosco”
please help me to sort it out.
Thanks in advance


The ROSCO GitHub might be a more appropriate location to post this kind of issue. Please post the error message you receive, so we can assist you better.

Best, Dan

Dear @Daniel.Zalkind

I downloaded and compiled ROSCO from github according to ROSCO 2.6.0 documentation(1.3. Full ROSCO Installation) using Anaconda.

And i tried to test Examples using Visual Studio code but all Examples have same error.

I just followed instruction ‘1.3. Full ROSCO Installation’

Here is my error

All Examples have same error

  • Attributerror: module ‘numpy’ has no attribute ‘warnings’

I am not used to code so i don’t know where to start to find out.

I already checked numpy is the newest version and re-installed it.

Would you please give me an advice?

Best regards,

Hi Sangwon,

Sorry, this slipped my attention. The latest version of numpy is not compatible with older versions of ROSCO. I would recommend you update to the latest version of ROSCO.

Best, Dan

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Dear @Daniel.Zalkind

Thank for your solution.

Now I confirmed it’s running very well.

Best regards,

Hi Sangwon,

I have tried to install and followed these steps:

I get error when run the … python Example/01_turbine_model.py

Could you please how do you in with VS?

Hi Ramesh,

I suspect that the python setup.py install --compile-rosco did not complete. I suggest trying it without the --compile-rosco flag and getting the ROSCO dynamic library another way. We are in the process of simplifying the installation process for the next release of ROSCO.

Best, Dan

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have also posted this on github discussion. I have done both of below and still get the error.

conda install -y wisdem
python setup.py install

Best regards

@Daniel.Zalkind , I want to use these scripts to generate DISCON.IN and performance file.