FF binary file creation

Hi All,

I am trying to create my own full field binary file for use with AeroDyn/Fast. The reason for this is that I need wave data since the application of the project is tidal not wind so I cannot use TurbSim (I am after blade loads). I have seen in the TurbSim manual that Appendices D and E describe the binary file format but I was wondering whether there is already a Matlab script available to create these binary files?

I can calculate the velocities in time and space but I am unsure how best to go about creating these binary files? What is likely to be the best method using Matlab?

Also, should I be aiming to create individual .u, .v and .w files or is the end goal .wnd (with .sum file) for the AeroDyn input? Please explain.

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I came across this old thread when I was searching for something I had posted about turbulence file formats.

I am sure this is too late to help Pascal (sorry!), but if anyone else reads this, please see this thread: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/running-fast-based-on-cfd-turbulence-fields/774/2