Feedthrough matrix in linearized model

Dear Jason sir,
I have been using the linearization function in the Fast v7 and Open fast for land-based and TLP-floating turbines. I have noticed that the feedthrough values are always zero for the collective pitch to generator speed loop and the wind disturbance to generator speed. This is creating a problem for me while designing a feedforward MPC controller. Is this inherent to FAST or can be changed to yield non-zero D matrix values? Thanks in advance.
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Dear @Nitin.Sivakumar,

This is probably not too surprising because perturbations in blade pitch or wind speed will result in a direct change in aerodynamic torque, and thus, rotor acceleration, but it would take a time step for this acceleration to result in a rotor speed change.

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Dear sir,
But how can this be not seen in the linearized model from GH Bladed

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Dear Sir,
What I meant is that previously I was using GH Bladed for getting the linearized models. At that time the D matrix values for the channels I previously mentioned did not come to be zero. This confused me.

Sounds like a better question for Bladed technical support.

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Thanks for your reply.
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