FAST V8 Pitch Rate Support / custom control cfg

Dear all,

I am having two problems, both of them control-related:

1.- My discon.dll is working on pitch-rate instead of pitch-position. I have seen in the code that the option for this is hardcoded. Does this means that, changing the option and recompiling FAST V8 is supposed to work properly with my pitch-rate discon.dll ?
2.- I have to deal with several configuration files for the controller. I know that placing a cfg file named in the same directory should work. Nevertheless it can be a source of errors as I have plenty of cfgs and they all will have the same name and spread along the load cases set. Is there any option to just point to a path indicated in the servodyn file?

My company does not have the Intel Fortran compiler, and I have given up with gfortran. When I achieve to compile, the resulting .exe is a source of errors and lacking a lot of performance. Could someone help me with this, please?

Thanks in advance for all your help and best regards,

Pedro Soria