FAST v8 for LabVIEW

Hello, Everyone

Since there is a LabVIEW source code, dll and example in FAST v7. I’m wondering if there is similar one in FAST v8?
I understand the framework is completely redesigned for FAST v8.
If there isn’t an official release plan for LabVIEW FAST v8, is it possible to create the dll by myself?
I’ll appreciate it if someone could guide me how to do it.


Dear ChihTing.Ko,

An interface between LabVIEW and FAST v8 has not yet been developed by NREL. The old interface for FAST v7 was developed by the NREL controls team, and I’m not sure if/when they have plans to update the interface to function with FAST v8. That said, In FAST v7, the interface between Simulink and FAST was quite different than the interface between LabVIEW and Simulink (e.g. structural states where integrated within Simulink for the Simulink interface, but integrated within FAST for the LabVIEW interface). However, the Simulink interface to FAST v8 now has structural states integrated within FAST, not Simulink. So, I would expect developing the LabVIEW interface to FAST v8 would not be too difficult i.e. mostly just developing a wrapper for FAST v8, without changes to FAST v8 itself. If you’re interested in pursuing this yourself, I suggest that you start by studying the existing interface between LabVIEW and FAST v7 and the existing interface between Simulink and FAST v8.

I hope that helps.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for your quick response. I’ll follow your suggestion and dig more into it to see if I could proceed further.


Dear ChihTing.Ko

I am curious to hear if you had any succes in creating an interface for FAST8 in LabVIEW?