FAST simulation


I am new to this forum. I run FAST8 considering monopile configuration with stochastic wind speed of 18mps generated from TurbSim. Simulation is getting terminated normally but while running, there is some blank space appearing in the command window. I am not able to understand the reason. Please help me.
I have attached the copy of command window.

Running FAST (v8.16.00a-bjj, 27-Jul-2016), compiled as a 64-bit application using single precision linked with NWTC Subroutine Library (v2.09.00, 23-Jul-2016)

Heading of the FAST input file:
FAST Certification Test #19: NREL 5.0 MW Baseline Wind Turbine with OC3 Monopile RF
Configuration, for use in offshore analysis

Running ElastoDyn (v1.04.00a-bjj, 26-Jul-2016).

Running AeroDyn14 (v14.05.01a-bjj, 25-Jul-2016).

Running InflowWind (v3.03.00, 26-Jul-2016).
Opening InflowWind input file: .\NRELOffshrBsline5MW_InflowWind.dat

Reading a 21x21 grid (170 m wide, 5 m to 175 m above ground) with a characteristic wind speed of 18 m/s. This full-field file was generated by TurbSim (v1.06.00, 21-Sep-2012) on 04-Jan-2017 at 08:45:55.

Processed 66945 time steps of 100-Hz full-field data (669.44 seconds).

Running ServoDyn (v1.06.00a-bjj, 26-Jul-2016).

Running ServoDyn Interface for Bladed Controllers (using Intel Visual Fortran for Windows, 14-Oct-2015).

Running HydroDyn (v2.05.01, 27-Jul-2016).
Generating incident wave kinematics and current time history.
Calculating second order difference frequency wave kinematics.
Calculating second order sum frequency wave kinematics.

Running SubDyn (v1.03.00, 11-Apr-2016).
Calculating Internal Modal Eigenvectors
Timestep: 0 of 60 seconds.

FAST_Solution0:CalcOutputs_And_SolveForInputs:SolveOption2:SrvD_CalcOutput:Running with torque
and pitch control of the NREL offshore 5MW baseline wind turbine from DISCON.dll as written by J.
Jonkman of NREL/NWTC for use in the IEA Annex XXIII OC3 studies.

Total Real Time: 3.7195 minutes
Total CPU Time: 3.7032 minutes
Simulation CPU Time: 0.53612 minutes
Simulated Time: 1 minutes
Time Ratio (Sim/CPU): 1.8652

FAST terminated normally.



Dear Shilpa,

I’m not sure, but it looks like there is a nonprintable character at the end of a line that is preventing the TRIM statement from ending the string before writing it to the screen. But I’ve not seen this behavior myself, so, I’m not sure what you are doing differently. Regardless, this will not cause a problem with the simulation results, so, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Best regards,