FAST.Farm failed load mapping


I am trying to model a semi-submersible wind turbine array using FAST.Farm, and have been running into an issue with load mapping. To keep things simple at first I am using a single turbine, which works while running in openFAST. When running the model in FAST.Farm, I recieve the following errors:

I have seen other forum posts about failed mesh mapping, but they typically result in an error code relating to AeroDyn, ElastoDyn and BeamDyn mapping. In my error message however, it appears that the issue may be due to a relation between the Farm’s properties and the turbine’s moorings. I am not sure of this however, and haven’t had any other luck in narrowing down a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Dear Ethan,

This error is regarding the mesh-mapping search in the OpenFAST wrapper within FAST.Farm, which is the mesh-mapping search between the AeroDyn Line2 blade load output mesh and the radial finite-difference grid that is stored on a mesh in the OpenFAST wrapper. I would guess the problem is that your radial finite-difference grid is not larger than the blade radius in AeroDyn.

Best regards,

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

You were right - increasing the wake radius resolved the error.

Thank you for the help!