Error while compiling AeroDyn driver

Dear all,

I am trying to compile the latest standalone AeroDyn driver following the instruction in this previous post and the corresponding read the doc instructions.

I have installed the latest visual studio (2022) and Fortran compiler, still following the read the doc instruction.

I double clicked on AeroDyn_Driver.sln in C:\Users\Thomas\Documents\build_OpenFAST\openfast\vs-build\AeroDyn, it appears that this build is incompatible (top right corner) ?

I thought I had followed the steps correctly, what did I do wrong ?

Alternatively, is there an already compiled version of it available on Git ? Or in any cloud based solution ?


Best regards,


Dear @Thomas.Potentier,

Regarding an “incompatible” error in Visual Studio, see a similar question asked and answered in the following issue on the OpenFAST GitHub site: Building errors using VS code and Windows · Issue #328 · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub.

Best regards,