Dynamic Blade-Element/Momentum Theory (DBEMT)

Dear NWTC Team,

Is there any document regarding the theory/implementation of the recently added to OpenFAST DBEMT options?

Thanks in advance

Francisco Pimenta

Dear Francisco,

Unfortunately, there has not been a published paper on the development of DBEMT. The project that developed DBEMT was one were the funding ran out before the project was completed to our satisfaction.

But I’ve attached an appendix of a currently unpublished paper that summarizes the implementation of DBEMT in AeroDyn v15. This was written by Emmanuel Branlard of NREL. We hope to publish the full paper in the future.

AeroLin_Rev3_DBEMTAppendix.pdf (258 KB)
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Thank you very much for your quick response.

Best regards

Francisco Pimenta

The final paper is now published.

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