DTU 10MW-RWT Tower Mass and Total Wind Turbine Mass


This is my 1st post on this forum :). I am Leonidas and i am working on my thesis about upscaling a platform to support the DTU 10 MW RWT.
I have all the files to run OpenFast. But i want to make sure about the mass of the Wind Turbine Tower because it is distributed. There is also a pdf file inside the folder that has more analytic data about the WinTurbine. So my question is the following: is this the one that is shown in table 3 of pdf’s page 9 in the following png file ?
Thank you a lot in advance for your time!

Hello Leonidas,
thanks for using this forum and for contributing to wind energy. Unfortunately, I don’t understand your question. Let me provide some background and ask you some questions. The DTU10 is a design released by DTU (https://backend.orbit.dtu.dk/ws/portalfiles/portal/55645274/The_DTU_10MW_Reference_Turbine_Christian_Bak.pdf), not by NREL. NREL later worked with IEA Wind Task 37 to update the design and released the IEA10 https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy19osti/73492.pdf. None of these two designs came with a floater.
Where is the table that you posted come from? We are not familiar with it. Was it released by NREL authors? I see online that lifes50+ is a European project and I don’t think NREL contributed to it. Am I missing something?
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Thank you for your quick respone, your time and your helpful papers !! No it wasn’t released by nrel authors, i was mistaken. Luckily i found out the answers that i was looking for.

I want to thank you and the forum again!

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