Implementing Aerodyn15 model for the DTU10MW RWT FAST model

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The DTU10MW model hosted by the DTU ( has only the aerodyn14, but the linearization of the FAST or openFAST supports only the aerodyn15. I tried to replace the areodyn14 model in DTU 10 MW with the aerodyn15 files in IEA-10.0-198-RWT ( I do not know much about the IEA-10.0-198-RWT model, but it seems the power rated power is not 10 MW anymore after the replacement. Is there anyone who has the aerodyn15 model for DTU 10 MW that can be shared? Or do you have any suggestions to model the aerodyn15 for DTU 10 MW efficiently? Thank you

Xianping Du

Dear Xianping Du,
thanks for your interest in OpenFAST and the DTU/IEA 10MW wind turbine models. The IEA 10MW is an updated version of the DTU 10MW reference wind turbine and I recommend using it over the DTU 10MW. The rotor diameter is slightly bigger (196 m vs 178 m), the specific power is closer to modern offshore wind turbines, several bugs have been corrected, the documentation has been revised, etc.
You can find the OpenFAST model of the IEA 10 MW RWT here … r/openfast
It is compatible to the latest release of OpenFAST (v2.4.0).
The model is described in this technical report:
I hope this helps.
Please let bus know if you have any more doubt.
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Pietro Bortolotti

Dear Pietro,

Thank you for your reply and recommendation. I also did an investigation on the IEA 10 model. I have a question regarding its openFAST model. The report mentioned that the 10MW wind turbine is offshore, but I can not find the model for the floating system FAST model (including the mooring and Hydrogen) in its repo. Can we use the DTU10MW floating system or you are still working on the development of the floating system model? I also observed that with a larger rotor and a direct-drive generator, its rated point and control parameters are different from the DTU10 MW.

I would like to use the IEA10 model if we can change the reference model in the project. Actually, I did a preliminary aerodyn15 modeling based on the DTU10 model and its report. A simple comparison is also made as stored at It is appreciated if you have any suggestions to improve this model. Thank you

Hi @Xianping.Du and @Pietro.Bortolotti:
I am trying to run the DTU 10MW reference wind turbine as idle with a yaw misalignment of 30 degrees. I am running the model with a turbulent wind speed of 65.8 m/s (hurricane forced winds). However, when I apply the yaw angle of 30 degrees I get the following error:
K_SGETRF: U( 473, 473)=0. Factor U is exactly singular.
FAST encountered an error during simulation initialization.
Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR

When I run said idle case with no yaw misalignment the model runs fine. Because it is an error during start-up I am not sure what could be the problem. Please let me know if you have encountered this problem before and are able to help.

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Dear @Andre.White,

It looks like you’ve asked the same question in the following forum topic: Wind Veer Parameter. I’ve now responded there.

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