Digital Control Implementation using FAST

Hello, i am new in using FAST so need some clearance on some topics. i hope i could get some guidance from the forum

I am implementing digital control in simulink using FAST NREL 5MW Onshore wind turbine. Given DT=0.005sec(which is my sampling time Ts as well) do i have to sample the outputs y[k] further coming from turbine in order to apply to my digital controller as controlled variables using a sampling time Ts? Actually i am confused in the inputs and outputs of the plant. Are they digital if DT=Ts or i do have to use A/D further.

Thankx in advance

Dear Mahum,

I’m not sure I really understand your question, but the FAST S-Function block essentially treats the wind turbine as a discrete-time system based on a time step of DT.

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Thankx alot…this was the info i was looking for