Data Version 1.28

I have updated the met tower processing code to version 1.28.

What’s new in version 1.28?

  • Fixed a bug where I had inadvertently swapped the virtual potential temperature and virtual temperature in the Richardson Number calculations.

N.B. The documentation correctly showed what was in the code, but the code was wrong (compare the documentation with e.g. … son_number). I will update the documentation when this is complete, and remove this comment.

Data have changed. Previous values of Richardson Number and Brunt-Vaisala Frequency that were in the data will have been incorrect. No other data are impacted.

You should start to see this in data with modification dates from about July 24, 2013. Over the next week I expect all of the old data will be reprocessed using this version.

If you see any issues, please report them here. Thanks!