Creating wind speed without turbulent

Does any one know how can I make a ramp wind speed (in time) or step wind speed(in time) with Turbsim?
I can make a constant wind speed by putting “TurbModel” to “none”, but by selecting other options under “TurbModel” the wind become turbulent.
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Dear Omid,

TurbSim is a tool used to generate full-field turbulent wind data files for use by AeroDyn. If all you need is simply wind ramps or wind steps, you can manually create your own wind data files using AeroDyn’s “hub-height” wind file option. The hub-height file can be time-varying, but it assumes uniform (or sheared) flow over the rotor disk. See the AeroDyn User’s Guide for more information.

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Dear Jason,
Thank you so much for your response.

Dear Jason,

I want to create a uniform wind (i.e same wind speed across the disk) and also constant with respect to time. To create uniform wind file I’ve selected 2 for ‘wind type’ in “InflowWind.dat”. This requires ‘***.hh’ as input right? As per my understanding AeroDynV13 has this option to generate hub-height files but not the later versions. Is this true? Also through documentation, I learnt that AeroDynV13 cannot be run stand-alone but only with aero-elastic simulator. Correct? Please suggest if there is an easy way to create uniform and steady wind profile. Thanks.


Dear Kumara,

Set WindType = 1 to create wind inflow that is steady (constant in time) and uniform (constant in space).

When using WindType = 2, wind is specified via a simple text-based file, which is described in the InflowWind User’s Guide: This is not created by AeroDyn, but can be created by hand.

We do not have a standalone wrapper / driver for AeroDyn v13. However, this does exist for AeroDyn v15–see:

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Thanks, Jason. The post mentioned below from is really helpful.