Fully Coherent or uniform wind field


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I need to make a wind field (TurbSim output) that the wind time series is the same on all the grid points. What do I mean here? I explain with an example. Let’s say I want to generate wind time series using TurbSim, on a 5 by 5 grid, for the average wind speed of 12m/s, using Kaimal spectrum and turbulence class B. I want all the 25 grid points to have the same time series as the grid point in the grid centre (HH). I read the TurbSim user guide but couldn’t find anything that helps. What parameters in the input file should I tweak to get what I need?


Dear @Rad.Haghi,

TurbSim can be used to generate turbulent time series following a Kaimal spectrum, but it will generate wind with spatially varying turbulence (more than one point in the Y and Z directions). If you want time varying, but spatially uniform inflow, you can use the uniform wind file format (WindType = 2) supported by the InflowWind module of OpenFAST.

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If you set WrADHH to true in the TurbSim input file and run the simulation with the inputs you’ve requested, the resulting .hh file will contain a single point with turbulence (from the point the TurbSim considers the hub). You can use this .hh file in InflowWind for WindType=2, as Jason suggests. You should verify the shear is 0 if you want all points to have the same time series.