Confusion about IceDyn

Dear Jonkman
The oscillations near the peaks in the WAFO results seem to be related to the smoothness set in the WAFO function.
I am rather confused as to why the peak of the spectrum of the excitation load (the first graph) and the peak of the spectrum of the response (the other three graphs) do not match.
I can’t see any pattern from this.

Best regard

Dear Tianhui,

Looking only at the results from Jason_PSD.m, the main ice load happens at 0 Hz (the mean load), with energy decaying until it plateaus at about 10 Hz. However, I do see “bumps” of energy every 2.7 Hz, which also show up in the structural response. I’m not sure why these show up in the ice loading (again, I have little knowledge of IceDyn), but they do seem to be propagating to the response.

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