Faster v2

This is to inform you that I`ve developed a software to manipulate the input files to Openfast/Turbsim and to automatically run the analyses in parallel. The software also include features to display the results from the analyses in a user friendly manner.

The software is a standalone console application that runs under windows with no need for any third party libraries or other external services.

The software is called Faster and the binary along with a user manual can be cloned/downloaded from

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Bjørn Melhus

Thanks for sharing! Looks like a useful utility for manipulating OpenFAST/TurbSim input files.

Best regards,

Just uploaded the user manual and the binary to the releases tag on Github.
It was previously located directly in the repo folder which is not a good idea.
If you’re opting to just downloading the binary (Faster.exe), instead of cloning that will require both Visual Studio and a Fortran compiler, you will probably get a warning message from your anti-virus software when downloading. However, no cause for worry, Faster is quite harmless.

Start to test out the software by running the “minimalistic example” as given in the user manual.


I’ve recompiled Faster to ensure that it can run on any windows 64 bit machine i.e. linked with static library. Please let me know if you run into issues. Post your query here or under the discussion tag of the Github repo.

Bjorn Melhus