Compiling FAST in Windows 7 with CVF


I’m trying to use CVF in Windows 7, but CVF’s IDE is not working in Win7. I’ve read in another forum that you can still compile as long as you call it in prompt line mode. I’m not familiar with neither CVF nor Fortran.

I think that a good approach would be to make something similar to the “CompileLinkA2AD.dat” file, but just to compile FAST-AeroDyn…

Could someone give some piece of advice regarding this?

Thank you in advance!

Javier Tolsá

Hi Javier,

We plan to release updated versions of FAST, AeroDyn, and Adams2AD this week. The new FAST archive will include a batch file that can be used to compile FAST with AeroDyn and the NWTC Library. It is set up for the Intel Visual Fortran compiler for Windows, but it should be “easy” to modify for CVF.