Compiling AeroDyn driver


I compiled AeroDynv15 under Linux. I had to change the makefile:

  • Because there is no Registry.exe for Linux included, you can delete or uncomment the lines after “# Making _Types.f90 files from .txt registry files.”.
    If you not familiar with this, you can give Registry the value “echo” ( “Registry = echo” ), So the types.f90-build-lines will just print out to the screen.
    Notice: The “*_Types.f90” Files will not build automatically. If you want to change the types you have to compile them for its own. I used Windows for this!

  • You can also delete all lines including “*_Types” in the “Cleanup:” part, so you don´t unintentionally delete some _Types.f90 files.

  • You can also rename “Makefile_ADDriver” to “makefile”. Then you have just to invoke “make” in the Command line.

  • Additionally you have to add the Output folder ./bin because it will not add automatically.

Best regards,
Noel Cont

Hello Noel,

The source files are provided for the registry code, and you can make it locally on your Linux system.

Go into


and execute a make, which should produce


and the provided makefile should then work.


Oh, wow.
That was easier than I thought :wink:

Thank you!