Coherent Structures Archive - TSM_structures.exe


I was going through the User Guide during the process of installing TurbSim, and it was mentioned there that I will also need to download the coherent structures archive, called “TSM_strucutres.exe”. However, in the NREL NWTC TurbSim webpage (, I do not see this executable file. I did look through the website to see if it was “mooved” elsewhere, but was unable to find it. I was wondering if you could kindly direct me to its location?

Thank you.


Dear Som,

You wont need to use the coherent structures archive unless you plan to use that feature of TurbSim, which most users do not. However, I’ve now placed the TSM_structures.exe archive on my Google Drive for you to access if you wish to use the coherent structures functionality: … sp=sharing.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Thank you also for informing that most users don’t use/don’t need to use that feature of TurbSim.