Blade Tip Brake in FAST


I would like to simulate a small wind turbine with blade tip brakes in FAST/OpenFAST.

According to the Guide to Changes in FAST v8 the ability of modelling tip brakes is a feature not included in FAST v8 so far, but it was part of FAST v7. I haven’t found any information on this feature for OpenFAST, but I suppose it is also not included in OpenFAST now. Is that right?
As it was part of FAST v7, are there any plans of including this feature into FAST v8/OpenFAST in the near future?

Also, there are (at least) two main types of blade tip brakes. One using a rotating tip (see and the other using a tip vane (see Which one of these both types could be modelled with FAST v7? Which type is planned to include in FAST v8/OpenFAST?

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Dear Paul,

The blade tip-brake model of FAST v7 was developed for the tip-vane type of tip break. The model was quite simple–basically a drag force based on the in-plane tip speed that ramps up after deployment. You are correct that this basic model was never migrated into FAST v8 or OpenFAST.

NREL is not currently funded to implement a tip-brake model into OpenFAST. However, you are more than welcome to implement your own model (and if you are so included to submit a pull request to share this model with the community).

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Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for the quick reply and the up-to-date information.
I will see what I can do and what my schedule allows me.

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