Automation of Load Calculations

Dear all

As many will understand, the specification of large aeroelastic calculation sets is a common task in the wind industry. Many organisations have their own scripts for this but I have not been aware of any centralised or 3rd-party tool to do this.

Simmovation have recently open-sourced a python package called spawn-wind which is designed to clearly but powerfully automate and run large simulation sets. It has a flexible back-end to potentially work with any parameter-based simulation tool, but the current source is configured for FAST v7 - therefore this may be of interest to the FAST users community. It is released under GPL licence (you can use it for free but you may not include it as part of any closed-source deliverable without our prior permission).

The source code is on GitHub here and there is documentation including a getting started guide on read the docs here. I hope some people find it useful, and feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Philip Bradstock