Are wind turbines suppose to be noisy?

If they are fine, if there not what could be making it so noisy?

-Dean Futrell
Futrell Autowerks


I am not an expert on noise, but I know it can come from several parts of a turbine. The tips of the blades can produce noise and the magnitude of the sound goes up as the fifth power of the tip speed. Large turbines usually run slower than ideal to keep their speed below 65-75 m/s for this reason. Drive trains can also be noisy. Furling turbines can be really noisy when fully furled and a downwind blade cuts through the wake of an upwind blade.

We do have people who analyze noise and others who test turbines for noise. It can be a problem and work is being done to reduce it.


Thanks for the info Marshall.

Dean Futrell
Futrell Autowerks