Low Wind turbine Aerofoil

Dear Friend,
What are the aerofoil series are used to low wind turbine blades

Dear Suni,

Choosing an airfoil is more a matter of the type of turbine (stall regulated, variable pitch, variable speed, turbine size) than about siting one in a low wind-speed location. You can read up on our airfoils here:


My method of designing a rotor for a low wind-speed site is to make the blades longer without increasing the power rating of the generator.


Dear Marshall.Buhl,
While talking about laminar ,turbulent , transition stages on the wind turbine blade ,Reynolds number values are varied without reasoning. My books refers Reynolds number for laminar is about 5*10^5 another one site tells <10,0000. Kindly tell me the Reynolds number values for laminar and transition ,turbulence.

I answered this same question in your other thread. Please don’t post the same questions on multiple threads.