AeroDyn v15 airfoil data


I have a question about how the airfoil data is utilized in AeroDyn v15.

In AeroDyn15, one can have more blade nodes than airfoil data files. For example, the NREL 5-MW turbine specifies 19 blade nodes with 8 airfoils. How are the airfoil coefficients than applied on the 19 blade nodes? Are they assumed constant for each node with the same AirFoil-ID, or are the coefficients perhaps interpolated over the nodes?

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Jelmer Polman

Dear Jelmer,

The airfoil data is not interpolated across blade analysis nodes in AeroDyn v15. Instead, one of the airfoil data files is associated with each blade analysis node via input parameter BlAFID in the AeroDyn v15 blade input file.

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