Adding additional Nacelle IMUs

Hi all,

Using the values, NcIMUxn, NcIMUyn and NcIMUzn, I am able to position the IMU as desired. Though, the turbine setup I am mimicking has multiple IMUs located on the Nacelle. Reviewing the various documentations and manuals provides me with no further information regarding adding the additional IMUs, other than rearranging the existing one.

My current implementation/work-around for the implementation of additional IMUs is performing multiple simulations using the same wind-field, but with various IMU locations. This unfortunately increases the simulation time drastically by increasing the amount of IMUs.

Therefore I was wondering whether there is the possibility of adding multiple IMUs, similar to how it is possible to add multiple wind measurements? I apologise if I have overlooked something in the documentation which explains this.

I really appreciate all help.

Best regards,

Thomas Enevoldsen

Dear Thomas,

There is no built-in option to enable multiple nacelle IMU outputs in the ElastoDyn module of FAST / OpenFAST. Of course, you could change the source code and recompile if needed.

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