Nacelle and hub inlusion in SOWFA simulations with OpenFAST

Hi everyone!

We are simulating a wind turbine with the solver pisoFoam.ALMAdvancedOpenFAST inside a CFD domain with SOWFA and OpenFAST - 2.4.0 to model the turbine’s structure. Our objective is to assess the wake dynamics behind the turbine vs experimental measurements.

We would like to include the nacelle and hub effect in our model. However, we have launched a couple of simulations and the nacelle and hub are either not included, or their effect is not big enough to be noticeable.

This is the setup we have in the constant/turbineArrayProperties file:

  • We are setting the flag includeNacelle to true. Our numNacellePoints is 10, nacellePointDistType “uniform”, nacelleActuatorPointInterpType “linear”, nacelleForceProjectionType “advanced1”; nacelleEpsilon is left unchanged from the example cases (0.0203, 0.0203, 0), and nacelleSampleDistance is 1.

  • We have set the gaussian kernel width (epsilon) for the blades, tower and nacelle equal to twice the size of the CFD cells along the rotor as per the Troldborg rule of thumb. We have 8 cells along the nacelle diameter, which is = 8 cm.

It is strange that, while the tower effect is being included, the nacelle and hub effects aren’t. We have checked the files src/turbineModels/turbineModelsOpenFAST/horizontalAxisWindTurbinesALMOpenFAST/horizontalAxisWindTurbinesALMOpenFAST.C and .H and we don’t understand why it does not include the body forces, since the lines concerning the models are all uncommented in both files.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how we can solve it? Do we have to change any parts of the SOWFA code to include the effect?

Thanks in advance