Access violation reading location

I tried to add some parameters in the ElastoDyn_Registry.txt. However, after building the code and starting the exe file, it crashed at different lines in ModMesh.f90. In contrary, the code runs normally if i comment the lines containing that parameters in ElastoDyn_Registry.txt.

This is a screenshot of the parameters that I want to add

I suspect that the code isn’t linking with the new compiled version of the FAST_types.f90/ElastoDyn_Types.f90 files, which is what causes the access violations. (I have had this problem before, myself. I am not sure if this is a Visual Studio problem or if there is something wrong in the way the FAST project files are set up.)

Any time you change the Registry input files in FAST, I would suggest “cleaning” the FAST project file (highlight the “FAST” project, right click, select “project only->Clean Only FAST”), and then building again. You can also just do a “clean” or “rebuild” of the entire solution, but it takes a while to build everything.

Thank you for consideration
it works