Wind tunnel results of Low Reynolds number airfoils

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         I have doubt on low Reynolds airfoils wind tunnel results,which are available in Vol 1-5 . In these volumes experimental values are represented as polar plot in chapter 4 or 5 and plotted values in given in appendix E. In the graph polar plots of Re ranges given for 60,000, 100,000, 150,000, But in appendix Reynolds number values are not matching with Graph. Which could be taken as the reference value? Kindly give me the suggestion regarding it.

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Karthikeyan. N

Dear Karthikeyan,

What books/volumes are you referring to?

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I’m referring following books from UIUC Wind tunnel results published by Selig.

Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data
MichaelS. Selig, James J. Guglielmo, Andy P. Broeren and Philippe Giguere

Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data
Volume 2
Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data
Vol 3
Christopher A. Lyon, Andy P. Broeren, Philippe Gigu`ere,
Ashok Gopalarathnam, and Michael S. Selig

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