Wind Energy Conference Database

Since working in the wind industry, I have found many times that someone has worked on a similar problem in the past. Unfortunately, that work was documented in a conference paper that could not be found through typical search engines, such as Compendex. While at working at NREL I made copies of all the main wind energy conference table of contents, and I would search those by hand. Now, through the work of Wanda Marshall at the University of the Pacific, these contents are being placed in an Excel spreadsheet. Currently we have the ASME/AIAA listings from 1982-2005, and the European Wind Energy conferences from 1984-2001. Wanda is currently entering the AWEA conferences, starting from 1978. Our plan is to also include the British Wind Energy conferences.

The link to the database is here: … tabase.xls


That’s great. Thanks for doing it and making it available.

So, when will you start on the ASME Wind Energy Symposia? :slight_smile:


Hi Marshall,

The current database has the ASME wind energy conferences up to a 2005. I expect you can find all the citations after this year on the internet. As stated, we are currently entering the AWEA Windpower and will complete with British Wind conferences. Hope you find it useful.

We now have added AWEA WINDPOWER 1978-2005. Working on British BWEA 1979-2001

We now have the British Wind Energy Association conferences from 1979-2000. That’s it folks.

That’s awesome Scott. Thanks for doing it.