What version of packages to install for WISDEM to be run in parallel?

I have installed WISDEM from git with anaconda on a Ubuntu HP-820 workstation to run it on multiple CPUs.
I have installed openmpi via conda and pyoptsparse during WISDEM installation, and, according to the documentation found (https://openmdao.org/newdocs/versions/latest/features/debugging/controlling_mpi.html?highlight=mpi), I need to install two other packages from conda, mpi4py and petsc4py.
When I search for them in conda, many versions and builds appear from the conda-forge channel, so I would like to know whether WISDEM needs some specific versions/builds of these packages, or I can install just the latest of each of them.

Thank you for your time and attention

Hello Henny,

If you just do:

conda install mpi4py petsc4py

then the Anaconda system will choose the correct package for your system and dependencies.

Thank you Garret.

mpi installed and tried with WISDEM example nr. 3: the optimization was indeed performed on four processors.