Running WISDEM under MPI

I installed WISDEM and ran all tests under Ubuntu 20.04, which it passes with just some warnings.
Next I tried to run it under MPI (to release the full power of the WISDEM :slight_smile: ), as is done in script included in example 18_rotor_tower_monopile.

However, the code crashes because PETSCVector can not be imported by openmdao at the end of the header part of (openmdao).

If I open python in a terminal and try to initiate an object of this class in the same environment, that initiation does not raise an error.

Therefore, I think it is some environment variable that causes this behaviour.
Any suggestions?
Best regards,

I have been getting that error too under some newer installs of PETSC and cannot figure out why. To resolve it, I have been using a python environment that has MPI & mpi4py, but I have no been installing PETSC or petsc4py. Give it a shot.

Hello Garrett,
thank you for you quick reply. Removing petsc4py and re-installing wisdem did not make a difference. Should I try to install an older version of petsc4py?

Maybe to start, remove:

  • MPI
  • mpi4py
  • petsc4py

probably no need to reinstall WISDEM. Does that resolve things?

Hello Garrett,
I started recreating the environment from scratch and I do not know exactly what made it work, but now it runs in parallel mode.

Thank you for your help and suggestions!