What is NREL5MW blade internal structural layup?

I need NREL5MW blade internal structural layup as an input for PreComp. I’m wondering if such data are available, as I can’t find them in this report nrel.gov/docs/fy09osti/38060.pdf. In Table 2-1. of this report, some structural properties are published but not the lamina’s geometry.
Thank you so much

Dear Hossein,

NREL has not specified the detailed cross-section layup and composite material properties of NREL 5-MW turbine blade. However, Brian Resor of Sandia National Laboratories has reversed-engineered the NREL 5-MW blade and has published these design details. For more information, please see the topic on our forum found here: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/structural-design-of-the-wind-turbine-blade/271/1.

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Dear Jason,
Thanks a lot, It was so helpful.